This blog was supposed to be about woodworking. I'm not sure what it's about now, or where it's heading.  

I've asked Lee to do a guest spot because I've essentially become akin to his stage mom at this point.  

Eventually there will be more woodworking and I hope to do some videos showing some of our processes. Lee spends a lot of time on you tube learning from others. He's figured out how to sew and the basics of three phrase electricity, along with everything in between.

I promise, you haven't seen anything yet. What we've been sharing is just the tip of the iceberg of what we've planned. Time and being efficient with the same has been our difficulty. We've decided that after Christmas we will no longer be taking orders. We will be finishing the interior remodel of our building (the exterior will have to wait) and making inventory for our June 2nd opening. 

I've been in contact with some very talented local artists. I'm thrilled they are willing to share their work with us and the community. I'm humbled by their faith in our vision. I can't wait to see all the different mediums showcased in one place. 

After almost a year of work, I reflect on what a daunting task this has been. The day we got the keys, Kendell and I rolled down the hallway entrance to "Little Dave's on the River" doing the Remember the Titans Dance. I'm proud of us for having that much enthusiasm, smarter people may have just dropped into the fetal position and cried.

It felt surreal. Everyone has their "Dave's" story. People come up to me all the time to share theirs. It's been neat, and encouraging that people are sentimental towards this place. Mine include the first time Lee visited Brandenburg we came. Otherwise, it was a place I came with my friends. 

This has been a tribal endeavor, and I can't believe the people that have showed up for us to lend a hand. I know this is starting to sound like a broken record, but I'm still amazed by the support.  

I'm trying to get some t-shirt designs together. We want to sell them to raise some funds to get us to June 2nd. We will have a "shirt wall" at some point. This is a great way to make art affordable. 

Once open, I'm confident we will make it. We just have to keep going, one day, one project at a time. Not to be hokey, but there is too much magic in the air at this point. People are interested in getting downtown Brandenburg back on its feet.  

My Mom has said to me several times in recent months, "we'll back you up until your nose bleeds," which is a saying that must've come from Buzzo.

If you didn't know Buzzo, my Papaw, you really missed an opportunity, he was a Flaherty legend, a larger than life character that would be perfect fodder for a novel. I think the most interesting part is that he married my Grandma, who I call Mem, she has the personality of Mother Teresa. It's literally like God's divine light shines upon her head on the daily, you feel her faith radiating off her in warm, comforting waves. Pap on the other hand wasn't winning any bible races (and neither am I for that matter). But every Johnny needs a June. As my Mom said in his eulogy Mammaw Sue had one arm holding Jesus, and the other gripped Buzzo. 

He loved the woodworking, he valued the the work people did with their hands. Him and Lee were kindred spirits, always using ingenuity to rig something up. Papaw built cars from the ground up, Lee builds furniture from scratch. 

The last conversation I had with Buzzo was about Lee's plan to puruse woodworking more seriously. This seemed unobtainable and insane at the time. Telling people felt, to us, like we were saying, "we've decided to give everything up and live in a van down by the river." (This was before we had a building).

I'm not going to repeat what Buzzo said because it's probably not suitable for polite conversation ha! There is only a certain amount of swear words that I can incorporate into this narrative before I get in trouble. But the bottom line is he said to go for it. I'll never forget that. If you were fortunate enough to be loved by him, he truly would back you up until your nose bled. 

After he died Mem found a coin in his pocket, no one knew he carried it with him. It says, "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength...they shall mount up with wings as eagles. Isiah 40:31." This has become a mantra for my family. 

The pictures revolve when you click on them. 

September 30th Lee and I were on our way to Bowling Green to see Rector's Cherry Reproductions off into the sunset. We were happy for the Rectors in that they were about to get some much needed rest, after many years of hard work. But, it was hard for us to see it go. It had become a very special place to us. 

We were having a conversation on the way, and I was talking to Lee about how we weren't getting anywhere. I felt like the little dutch boy in the dam, but once one hole was plugged, 5 more appeared. This building is like a wild animal, and you never know when it will attack.

We moved the equipment in July, but couldn't turn it on. At this point we had no opening date. Lee was making things here and there and trying to keep up with no end in sight, both of us working full time, it just seemed like it wasn't going to come together. I felt myself tearing up.The vision is colorful and bright, but it's like we are living in black and white. 

And then, from out of nowhere, a semi comes rolling by us at full speed, and on the back, painted in huge letters, "TRUST" Isiah 40:31. That was my sign. I know those that aren't prone to sentimentality or the belief in other worldly occurrences, will think that sounds crazy.  But even if it was just a coincidence, it was exactly what I needed, and that's all that matters. Since then, when my faith in what we are doing falters, TRUST comes into my thoughts and I'm comforted. 

Only a few days later, I found out I had to have surgery. That's around the time we set the opening date. I told Lee we had to go for it, and to trust the process and have faith in ourselves that we could make the date we set. We got two of the machines wired and turned on, and the sound was satisfying to say the least. 

The surgery went well, my biopsies came back endometriosis and non cancerous tissue. I had several polyps removed.