For the Good Times.

I've often wondered what we do this for? 

For the Good Times. 

It took me almost my whole life to realize that happiness is a manner of traveling, not a destination. I've been so incredibly destination oriented. When we finish college, when we finish law school, when we get the store open. That's been us. Now, I'm trying to focus on the now. We only get so many trips around the sun. I'm trying to take better care of myself these days, stop and focus on what makes me happy, and you should too. 

These days I still work with children, just in a different way. And my job is mostly a lot of fun, mostly ;). My favorite part is the relationships I've built with people I work with. I laugh every day. Some days the balance is tipped, and the laughing is limited, and I wonder if I can keep doing it. I've put a lot of energy into this, like so many things in my life.

I will say one of life's struggles is managing one's own expectations, and in turn, dealing with the expectations of others, especially when the two don't line up. 

I love the hugs I get from kids every day, how excited they are to see me throughout the building. When they draw me pictures or come to my office and show me their good papers. On the flip side of that is all the heart wrenching sadness that comes with knowing that some children don't have the lives you wish for them. 

Thanks to all those that ordered t-shirts from us, and a big thanks to Shelley for helping us with this project. I'm humbled by the amount of love and support we've received during this Building Durham journey. Through this work we've built stronger character in ourselves, and in our relationship with each other. I've always believed in Lee Durham with my whole heart, and I love that others to do. 


A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us at Durham & Company. Lee and I have been saying ironically for the past three years, 2015 is our year, 2016 is our year, 2017 is our year. If 2018 isn't our year, I'm not sure that we'll have one! But here's to trying.