Our Artists- sharing the truth

“Artists can have greater access to reality; they can see patterns and details and connections that other people, distracted by the blur of life, might miss. Just sharing that truth can be a very powerful thing.” Jay-Z 

We are excited to share all of those who will be collaborating with us come June 2nd. Our goal is to offer a wide variety of artistic styles and mediums, and I think we've delivered. Also, we want to have things available in all price ranges so everyone can leave with something. We realized early on that only having solid cherry furniture wasn't going to work. The handcrafted furniture game has changed with the passage of time, and we must strive to be innovative. 

We are so encouraged by the support we've received from this community of artists; through this, and the support we've received from our community at large, we've been able to summon up the courage to continue on this path. We have been truly humbled by the willingness of people to be part of Durham & Company, and can't wait to see all of these creations in one place! 

People have said for many years that downtown Brandenburg had no chance of returning, we beg to differ, and the quiet voices that have always believed that this Phoenix can be reborn from the ashes of tragedy have become a dull roar, the drum beat that has created a rhythm for change and progress, to which we march.

The previous paragraph is so incredibly dramatic, but I can't help it- I'll indulge myself and leave it. Writing this blog is like, obnoxious, obnoxious, obnoxious, cut, cut, cut, aggressive backspacing, leave, leave, leave, laughter to myself, and done. 

Some of the pictures are bigger than others because if the crop turns out odd I have to change the size. This is a template I work from. I'm no expert at web design. 

We are doing another t-shirt sale. Thanks to everyone for all the requests! We have to go ahead and order the inventory for the shop, so I'm taking orders while I'm at it. Thanks so much to everyone that purchased shirts, it really helped us. Thanks again to Shelley at Bluegrass Girl Marketing. 

The comfort colors brand is really popular and if we wait much longer we won't have many color options. The sweatshirts below and the pocket T are comfort colors. I cut the gray pocket T (from the last sale). I liked this one better. The baseball T and the blue/red t-shirts are a different brand. The blue/red are "soft" Ts, is how I would describe them. Please contact us if you would like to make an order. The prices are the following: 

Baseball-$20 for small-XL, $22 for XXL-4XL (gray sleeves with black writing).

Red/Blue soft T- $15 for small-XL, $17 for 2XL-4XL (red with black writing, blue with white writing). 

Sweatshirts-$38 for small-XL; $40 for 2XL and 3XL. The sweatshirts run a little big. I have a "chalky mint" in medium on in the picture, Lee is wearing "brick" in 2XL. I know, we should be models. 

(chalky mint, brick, ice blue, chambray, butter, all with dark gray writing)

(blue spruce, periwinkle, seafoam, china blue, and island green, all with white writing) 

Youth shirt- XXS-XXL $14 (grass with white writing) 

Toddler shirt- $12 2T-5/6 (vintage green with white writing) 

Pocket T- $15 for small-XL; $17 for 2XL-3XL (banana with gray writing) (grass with white writing) 

The pictures revolve. 

Lee and Sidney Durham- Durham & Company Woodworks

The pictures revolve. 

Quin & Melissa Shireman- metal work. 

"I am so very excited to say that my metal art work will be available at Durham & Company. I love our town and especially the history downtown. I’m blessed for the opportunity to be involved in Lee & Sidney’s endeavor. Stay tuned... opening June 2, 2018. ❤️""

"Sparkle" by Latisha Hardesty 

On her Kentucky necklace: "One of my new favorites!!! This is will be a staple piece at Durham & Company Woodworks LLC in Brandenburg down by the river."

Danthia Gardner- just to name a few things- she is talented at painting, wreaths, and general decor design! 

From Danthia: "I’m excited for you and I’m excited to be a part of it." 

T-shirts from Housebroken Clothing, part of the proceeds from the sale of these will go to Pets in Need Society of Meade County. 

From Housebroken Clothing: "Thanks so much for reaching out! We would love to be a part of Durham Woodworks!! Store sounds awesome and that swing is to die for!! Wishing Ya'll all the luck!" 

Fairview Lavender Farm- The Ballards 

From Sharon Ballard: "I don't know which part I'm more excited about - the fact that you're opening a store to sell local artwork, the fact that it's in Little Dave's building, or the fact that you'd like to sell my products...I've wished for a very long time that someone could do this downtown - I had no idea that someone was!" 

Katherine Carter- Jewelry

Katherine is my sister's sister-in-law ha, and she is one of coolest people I know, literally. 

From Katherine: "I'd love to sell in your store, and I really appreciate the opportunity...Thank you!" 

The pictures revolve. 

Paul Schultz- woodworking

Paul is the dad to my longtime friends, Brianna and Holly. He's very dear to Lee and I, and extremely talented. 

T-shirts from Kentucky for Kentucky     From KYforKY: "Thanks for reaching! Congrats on opening a new storefront...I know how much hard work goes into everything." 

T-shirts from Kentucky for Kentucky

From KYforKY: "Thanks for reaching! Congrats on opening a new storefront...I know how much hard work goes into everything." 

Becky Frazier and Diana Chrism from "Farmhouse Friends" 

From Becky: "Thank you for the invite on selling some things in your store...I would love the opportunity to do so and hope you will be pleased with the results.  I can't tell you how excited I am to see everything...your work is amazing!"

I've known Becky my whole life, she worked with my Mom and is one of her dear friends, and my sisters and I adore her. 

The pictures revolve below. 

Frankie Powell- Ogre Werks- wood turning 

Big Head Studios: Josh Mitcham- painter and member of the band Jericho Woods, an artist in many ways! 

From Josh: "I will get some stuff ready for y’all! I’m happy that there are other crazy people out there following dreams! It’s a lonely club sometimes! Lol!" 

Jennie from The Little Basket Shop

From Jennie: "I'm pretty excited...I love that building and hope you guys are successful there!" 

The pictures below revolve. 

Terry Backstrom- woodworking 

From Terry: "Great hearing from you, I'm really fired up to make this happen and ready to start building." 

Just to continue on with the commentary, something I'm known for. I work with Terry's wife, and her cupcakes are one of the best things I've ever ate in life! 

T-shirts by Billy Lilly Universe 

TimberWolf Concepts: wooden toys 

Hats and Moore by Barbara Moore 

From Mrs. Moore: "This is awesome and I am very excited for you all and myself!! I already have some things and will get busy on more!!"

Mrs. Moore was my 5th grade teacher, and I LOVE her. 

Shannon's Custom Creations: Shannon Smith 

June 2nd here we come.