Don't Stop Believin'

Don't Stop Believin' (Journey) has become my family's theme song. Every time we get together we play it and sing along at the top of our lungs.

Recently I was driving to work, in the pitch dark I might add (yay winter, yay time change), and I had a lot on my mind. Balancing life right now is such a struggle. Don't Stop Believin' randomly comes on the radio. I'm not sure why the radio was set to the channel it was on; it wasn't one I recognized when I saw the numbers. I usually listen to WMMG in the mornings, and I was like where is the birthday club?! 

Life always has a way of cheering us up and giving us little reminders. 

Our heat isn't able to keep up at the shop. This isn't a big surprise, as it's been touch and go all along. We have buckets that catch the condensation. Lee has to climb on the roof every time to turn one of the units on (while I stand on the ground holding the ladder). For another, we have to touch two wires together hanging form the ceiling to get it started, and as for the last unit, it just randomly quits working. Granted, it has been super cold this winter. Lucky for us, our brother-in-law helps us with these type of issues. Shout out to J Elliott Heating and Air (Harrodsburg, Kentucky). Super good picture below, free advertising Jonathan! 


I'm really hoping we have air conditioning on our opening date (June 2nd). Hint Hint ;) 

Also, something is wrong with the pipes going from our toilet, they keep catching toilet paper, "etc." There is a drain nearby and let's just say for lack of a better phrase, "human waste" began coming out of it. Our pipes are frozen, and have burst in places. So currently, we have no heat, no toilet, and no water.

We decided we won't have a public restroom when we first open ha! I'm not too worried about all of this; last year around this time we had no toilet period (shout out to Uncle Jody) and couldn't even get the units turned on. Also, We were reeling after finding out that nearly a million gallons of water had flooded the building from previous burst pipes (many of which were in the ceiling). This year, we only have a few water pipes (as we gutted everything) and we made sure the water to the building was turned off. 

We haven't been making anything recently, the temperature in the building is too low for the wood glue. By next winter we would love to have a wood stove in the shop. 

We've had a swing on deck since October, and we finally got it done. We were busy getting the building ready for our brother-in-law's surprise birthday party in December, and filling Christmas orders. Lee made a set of barn doors to block the opening where we will bring furniture through from the woodshop to the showroom. (where the bathrooms used to be at Dave's for those that have been there prior). The pictures revolve when you click on them. 

I was impressed with how the western cedar wood turned out; its lighter (weight wise) than the poplar and pine swings we've made before. Western cedar is a great wood for outdoor items also.

The swings have been popular, thanks everyone for the interest and kind words! My cousin Nathan actually came up with the idea, he wanted to make one for his brother's wedding gift. 

We had a great Christmas. I'm an emotional person prone to sentimentality (meaning tears). 

One of my favorite things to watch is Susan Boyle's audition video. Below. It gets me every time. 

Anyway, if you read a prior blog, you know that the TRUST semi incident was a sign for me. Recently I was a little beaten down and I kept saying, I need another sign. Are we doing the right thing? Is this business going to make it? How will we get there? On Christmas my parents gave me the sign (literally) I had been seeking.

Many people have asked me what my parents think about my life choices (LOL). I think I have taken them on a spiritual odyssey that has brought them to inner peace with my life. I won't pretend like it has been all rainbows, unicorns, and frolics among the wildflowers for any of us. I think it's hard for any parent to manage their expectations against a child's iron will ha. My family has shown me, especially this last year, what unconditional love and support means. To go through life with this backing is an absolute blessing. 


On Christmas my parents did something very nice for Lee and I. I won't go into specifics because I want to respect their (and everyone else's) privacy about certain things. It may be hard to believe but I write this blog VERY carefully.  

For Christmas my Mom bought me an "Indiana Jones" hat or known by another name, the "Dr. Quin Medicine woman" hat, which I asked for. The picture of me below was taken while I was writing this blog, Lee moved that clock into the picture because it's a "grandmother clock" and he loves it. Let's just say we are both a little odd. The point of including the hat tidbit is that this is a weird thing for me to own, it came from the men's section of Duluth Trading Co., but I feel all the confidence of a combination of Dr. Quin/Indiana Jones when I wear it.

Speaking of odd, Lee, Kendell, and I share the instagram and Facebook so the people we follow reflects our personalities and is a fairly diverse crowd. 

If you don't follow Celeste Barber, you need to, she is hilarious. Her you tube videos and Instagram posts make me so happy. Pictured: Juniper Foxx, Gypsy Yoga Love, Self Love Liv, The Dodo, This Girl is a Squirrel, Celeste Barber (she re-creates celebrity pictures and celebrity tutorials), Offerman Woodshop, The Real Tarzann, GP Furniture Makers, Nabela Noor, Rosewood Harrodsburg, Python Paige, Edgar Allen Crow, Kentucky for Kentucky, Post Malone, Jessie James Decker, Cara Loren, 12ish Style. 

I put my lawyer costume back on recently, and I must admit I enjoyed it. I went to children's advocacy day in Frankfort at the Capitol. I can't say as much as I would like about it due to confidentiality constraints, but I went with an amazing group of ladies, and met some wonderful female representatives. Issues surrounding child advocacy, and particularly the foster care system, is a passion of mine, and I was so fortunate for this opportunity. I may not agree with certain political ideologies of many people I met, but everyone was very respectful and polite and really listened to what I, and the others in my group had to say. Joni Jenkins is the Representative from Shively (Louisville) and she is part of a Committee working to make changes to foster care. 

I feel a lot of pressure to make this blog awesome, my cousin Josh (who Lee and I think is the funniest person ever) has said he reads this. I'm really getting out there. But no joke, thanks to all those that have said nice things about this blog, I started it to garner interest in our business, I'm willing to do that by just about any means necessary, and it has evolved into something out of the ordinary, especially as woodworking is concerned. 

Happy New Year Ya'll. My friend dear friend Brianna posted the picture below.  


When I saw it, I was literally eating McDonald's in my bathtub so if what you are doing on New Year's Day is a reflection of the rest of your year, I'm in trouble (and no I wasn't hung over this is regular life).