We are the river's own


I don't know if ya'll heard, but the river flooded recently. Believe me..we heard. 

Several of these pictures are from Skyworks Productions, find them on Facebook! 

These are photos of previous floods. The first two are 1997

We weren't too concerned about getting flooded. The river had to rise a considerable amount more to get inside our building.

The inside walls of "Dave's" are predominantly the wood siding that is on the outside, granted it's holding up a lot better. It would fare better than dry wall, and in fact it has been soaked previously. Almost a million gallons of water went through the building from burst pipes, mostly in the ceiling. Our floor is stained concrete, which was a terrible project that I never want to repeat, but we didn't want to repeat what the previous owners did, which was rip out carpet, tile, and wood floor after it had gotten wet. 

What we dreaded during this flood was having to do something to ensure the woodworking equipment wasn't damaged. Many of the pieces are way too heavy to move, we barely got them inside the building to begin with. Our joiner weighs 2,000 pounds. 

We had just finished the bottom of our front counter and put the last coat of polyurethane on it when the water was at its highest, which was to our sidewalk. Every morning before work we would drive down there to make sure we were good for another day. Thanks to everyone for all your concern and support, I know we would've had many people rally if it came to that. 

Just a side note, many people have asked us about painting the outside of the building, the reason we haven't started work outside is its going to cost a small fortune. The wood in places is too rotten at this point to try to salvage. We will have to put a new roof on, replace all the eves and gutters, metal the sides, replace the windows, and the front of the building has to be completely rebuilt.  No big deal. 

I was an English major in college; in one of my classes we read "Their Eyes Were Watching God," very good, I would suggest it. Anyway, at one point the main character takes off her apron and declares herself divorced. And I said during the class discussion that she was not in fact divorced (and this was before I became a lawyer). 

My teacher says to me, "suspend your disbelief." I was holding firm to the practicalities in my mind. I could not suspend my disbelief and allow myself to just enjoy the story. 

I'm struggling with suspending my disbelief right now. There are several reasons why our store will work, the "character" and history of our building, the hope and possibility of a revitalized downtown, our proximity to Jailhouse pizza- another unique business, people's renewed interest in handcrafted creations, the quality and originality of our work- all the magic and flare that we bring to the table, our inclusion of other artists...etc.

Shout out to Salon Marie right down the street from us. Got an awesome haircut there recently. I love how neighborly it's starting to feel downtown. I'm excited for collaborations we have planned with Skyworks Productions. They have shot a lot downtown, and I can't wait to see what they come up with for us. 

If you click on the pictures, they revolve. The first picture, the newspaper article is a little disheartening. It seems like we are in the exact same place we have been since 1974, since 1984 apparently. The bottom line is most people have not been willing to put their time, energy, and money into downtown. If you look at the "before" pictures above, you can see why we want it back so badly. The spirit of what was, was almost completely sucked out when the tornado ravaged the area. A glimmer remains. 


I suppose many people have their doubts about downtown. The doubt has plagued me all along, but it's smothers me occasionally. It's like I've asked the devil to pull up a chair and sit at my table. I need to yank that sucker out from under him and prove people wrong- I love doing that. 

I'm hoping when we jump off this cliff, into the great unknown, we will be caught by the generosity and purchasing power of our community.  

I'll see everyone on the other side of June 2nd. I'm probably going to take an extended absence from blogging to reset my life. Lee and I need to take better care of ourselves. 

I started this post mid February, but didn't feel comfortable posting it until now because things were in flux.  I decided to leave my job as a Family Resource Coordinator and pursue another opportunity. If it doesn't work out I'll take some time to get the store settled and see what else is out there. I really need to continue working, and Lee needs to be able to be at the shop full time. 

It was a difficult decision to leave the job I've had for the last year and a half, but I know in my heart it's what I need to do. 

Here are some projects we've been working on lately. If you need a sign get in touch with Becky Frazier; she is a sign goddess and she is wonderful to work with. She made my dreams come true on these. Becky and Danthia Gardner are collaborating on a couple signs for our kid's room. So excited to share them when they are done. 

If you need metal work, call Melissa Shireman, our bull heads are going to look awesome hanging on our barn doors, another awesome lady to work with. 

We have spent a considerable amount of energy on the details of our store. As backwards as this sounds, this has taken precedence over building inventory. We could have our furniture filling every nook and cranny of our space and it wouldn't be enough to sell you on it, as beautiful as Lee's pieces are. We realized early on that people expect and want a certain shopping ambiance. I know I do myself. That's why people make the drive to Bardstown Road, or Market Street in Louisville. If you are willing to drive to us we want to make it worth your while. 

I can say we will have cutting boards for sure as far as Durham Woodworks goes. My hope is that we will have a couple swings or a glider as well. These projects that we have tackled in previous months have been massive undertakings. The front counter and the displays for one of the rooms have taken weeks. I'm confident the displays and the shirt wall in the main room will be completed. I don't foresee the huge drift wood tree project we have planned for the children's room getting completed by June 2nd. The driftwood tree will have a bookshelf built around it, and the branches will have magical things hanging from them. So far we have an up house, Hedwig in a cage, Tinkerbell in a lantern, a birdhouse, etc. 

We are adding a couple Meade County shirts we've designed to our shirt wall. Hopefully we will get a Downtown design going soon. Shelley at Bluegrass Girl Marketing is who we use, and she's wonderful. 

In terms of our vendors, we have spent a lot of time recruiting artists and talking with them about the products we would like to see, and explaining our vision for displays, etc. Since my last post I have added vendors. I am in awe of all this talent I've found!! 

Rustic Oak Soaps- Brittany Mattingly. 

Mona Hinton- Baskets

Deb Mulligan- Pottery

Deb Beyerlein- Watercolor paintings

Awesome by Jenna- Embroidery

G's Honeybee- Nicolette Curran

Jennifer Morton- Hair bows

For our opening we will be working with Skyworks Productions to take some footage of the store, The Locals food truck will be parked and ready to serve food, Sunny and 75 will be serving ice cream.